PAPERWORK PURGATORY (& LIFE LESSONS) December 08 2014, 0 Comments

It’s my birthday this week, so I can’t help but be a bit reflective about life. Over the past decade I have experienced a wide range of emotions on this day. Some years I have felt really content and satisfied while others have been more pensive and apprehensive about the future. I’m sure you all can relate. But this year I feel like I am busting at the seams in anticipation of the year to come! I’m going to be a mom. As many times as I repeat this phrase to myself, it scarcely seeps in. 

There are so many hurdles to overcome, before the reality of motherhood is realized, that I sometimes feel completely bogged down in a paperwork purgatory of sorts. My adoption agency document that explains “How to File a Dossier” is 42 pages long. It’s hard not to feel like I’m on a bureaucratic hamster wheel going no where. Occasionally, I get so overwhelmed by the enormity of it all that I want to do nothing—just forget the paperwork, watch a Hallmark Christmas movie and call it a night.

On those days, I pray. I ask The Lord for motivation. I look for stories and statistics to remind me why I’m pursuing international adoption and I push toward Mercy once again. I look through the list of friends and loved ones who have bought CHASING MERCY coffee, or who have donated to the cause, and I feel empowered to begin anew. 

Though I’m mostly working on the dossier by myself, I am not alone by a long shot. Not one day goes by where someone doesn’t ask me how things are going with the adoption. My coworkers at Boot Coffee, friends, family and community at Red Hill Church can hardly wait to meet this precious child of mine—a child that is already so well loved. 

Between working full-time, running a weekend coffee roasting business and all this adoption paperwork, I feel like my life isn't my own anymore. And the truth is, it isn't. So much of it already belongs to Mercy. I looked up the word "purgatory" and one definition states "having the quality of cleansing or purifying". Although this is a somewhat tedious time in the adoption process, this stage is teaching me about selflessness, hard work and faith—faith that God can accomplish what I cannot. I'm sure these lessons will be applied in motherhood over and over again.

Though not a ton has technically changed in my status since my last update, here is an update on my paperwork and fundraising goals…

IMMIGRATION DOCUMENTS: Filed, awaiting a response (this often takes 6-8 weeks)

DOSSIER: I’m chipping away at it. I was hoping to finish by the end of the year, but it might be mid-to-late January before it’s complete, notarized, apostilled (state sealed), copied, bound and mailed to South Africa.

FUND RAISING: I have secured about $6905 of the roughly $10,000 due in mid-to-late January at the submission of my Dossier. (All of this notarized paperwork has an expiration date, so it needs to be submitted ASAP) 

HOW YOU CAN HELP: Want to make a donation in honor of my birthday? Click here! Every gift, big or small, makes such a big impact. For those of you who want/need to make a tax deductible donation (personal or business) before the end of the year, click here to visit my Pure Charity page.

If you’d like to buy some CHASING MERCY coffee you can click here. It makes a great Christmas gift! My last day to roast before Christmas will be Dec 19, so if you want to place an order, get it in soon. And don’t forget about the pay-as-you-go subscription options. You can get a great bag of coffee (or two or three) delivered right to your door each month for as little as $17.

HOW YOU CAN PRAY: Please pray for continued motivation in the dossier process. That I would fill out everything correctly and it would be filed in a timely manner.

Join me in thanking God for all the generous gifts I have already received!  Please pray for donations and coffee purchases to increase as the times draws near to make the next payment.

Most of all, as often as you think of me or CHASING MERCY, please lift up my child who is waiting for a forever home. Please pray that he/she is warm, fed, healthy and loved well. Please ask for The Lord’s protection from abuse, neglect, serious illness and even boredom or lack of stimulation in such an important time of brain development. 

Please also ask that God would prepare me for the specific child he has for me, even though there are so many details about their life that I don’t know—He knows.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you! Your support is invaluable and cherished!