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I’m off to South Africa on April 4th! Our court date is April 19 - we’ll officially become a family that day! If you’d like to contribute to our final expenses, you can donate here. Thank you all so much. You are a huge part of our story - helping us make a way to bring Caleb into our family. 


My name is Marlee. I recently moved from sunny NorCal to Fort Worth, TX. I am in the process of adopting a little one from South Africa. I am the co-founder of Gather Coffee Company. We are a boutique coffee education company that holds Q Courses and completes consulting projects all over the world. Coffee consumes a lot of my life. That's why, when I decided to adopt internationally, started CHASING MERCY to help offset some of the major expenses. Until recently I was roasting coffee and selling it here to help offset the adoption costs. I've been "on hold" for a bit traveling a lot for work. Now, the adoption is imminent, so I'm doing a bit of fund raising to help with the final fees and travel costs. It's been a VERY long road with a lot of unexpected life changes, but I'm so happy to be close to the finish line - a whole new adventure is near.